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Tree Warden

Bridgewater's Tree Warden is David Dibenedetto.  David can be reached at  603-443-0675 or email at

 What is the tree warden's responsibility?

In accordance with the amended Tree Warden Statutes, the tree warden is responsible for all shade trees within a municipality. The tree warden makes determinations about shade tree removals, enforces all laws relating to shade trees, may develop a community tree planting and care program, and may choose to work with the legislative body of the municipality to adopt a shade tree preservation plan.  

shade tree is defined as a shade or ornamental tree located in whole or in part within the limits of a public way or public place, provided that the tree is either (a) planted by the municipality or (b) is designated as a shade tree pursuant to a municipal shade tree preservation plan. Public place is defined as municipal property, including a municipal park, a recreation area, or a municipal building. Public way is defined as a right-of-way held by a municipality, including a town highway.  

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