Photos of Bridgewater, VT

The Town of Bridgewater has the following Ordinances and Policies.  These can also be viewed at the Town Office any time during regular business hours. 

An Ordinance is a legislative act by the legislative body of a municipality (Selectboard, council, aldermen or trustees).  Black's Law Dictionary defines an ordinance as "an authoritative law or decree; specifically, a municipal regulation, especially one that forbids or restricts and activity".  Municipal ordinances carry the state's authority and have the same effect within the municipality's limits as a state statue.  Once adopted according to statutory process, they become legally enforceable local laws.  A municipal ordinance is designated either as a civil or criminal offense and may carry a fine or penalty.

A policy is a course of action, guiding principle, procedure or strategy that is adopted by a municipal public body (Selectboard or board of library trustees).  Policies are executive in nature and are oriented inwards to guide internal decision-making processes.  Generally, policies apply to employees, town facilities or the public body itself.  A policy is designed to influence and determine decisions in the course of conducting certain municipal affairs.  Policies should establish clear-cut, orderly and systematic methods for handling certain administrative duties and internal town operations.  They should be flexible enough to meet changing situations and conditions, yet provide enough consistency and continuity in making decisions to ensure predictability.



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